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Women's Leadership

Ani-Nunez-1There is nothing more powerful than the will of a woman. And when women join together, there's no end to what can be achieved. United Way's Women's Leadership unites women in the spirit of philanthropy and service. It brings together Miami-Dade's most driven, powerful women, to foster growth and change.

A letter from Ani Nunez, our Women’s Leadership Chair

I am honored and delighted to chair the Women’s Leadership Council for the United Way of Miami-Dade. As I look back over the years that I have been contributing to United Way, my most memorable moment is my first visit to a United Way-funded program. I had just moved to Miami, over 25 years ago now, and visited an agency not far from my neighborhood. I didn’t know that it even existed. I was so moved to meet young teens whose lives were dramatically changed by the work of this program. Over the years, I have continued to visit many more agencies and have walked away with the same feeling – United Way reaches so many people in our community! Many in ways that we don’t even realize.

As a member of Women’s Leadership, I have also been privileged to meet and develop relationships with other women in the community who, like me, believe in the important role that United Way plays in Miami-Dade County. Through various events during the year – from the “Let’s Do Lunch” Series to the Annual Leadership Breakfast and many others, I have had the opportunity to interact with some of the most talented women Miami has to offer. Women’s Leadership is about coming together with a common goal of making our community a better place for everyone. I have been enriched by being a member of Women’s Leadership and encourage others who are considering membership to join this amazing group without hesitation!


Ani Nunez

A letter from Maria Blet, vice chair, United Way’s National Women’s Leadership Council

Maria-BletI currently have the privilege of serving as vice chair of United Way’s National Women’s Leadership Council – in preparation of becoming the chair in 2015.  Imagine, a banker from Miami leading a network of over 55,000 women in over 140 councils around our country including places like Nigeria, Liverpool and Jamaica. How cool is that!

The National Women’s Leadership Council was established in 2000 by a handful of determined and passionate women to, very simply, mobilize the power of women to advance the common good in our communities. I’ve been involved since 2007. Women give differently.  Many of us want to know how our dollars are invested and are therefore engaged at a different level. In addition to giving, we advocate for the issues that are important to us, we give our time as volunteers to the causes we care most about. We want to see first-hand how our gifts of time, talent and money do make a difference, how lives are changed as a result of our efforts.  And, we want to have fun while doing good. United Way’s Women’s Leadership programs across the country and beyond offer that and so much more.

The building blocks for a good life remain the same – education, financial stability and health.  Our Councils have generally taken on early grade reading as its signature issue through programs for readers, tutors and mentors.  I accepted that challenge personally in Miami-Dade through Reading Pals to join volunteers across the board to help our children become proficient in the most basic of skills. 

So I ask you to join our powerful network.  I ask you to join in supporting our United Ways.  I know that we are making a difference.  One of us at a time.  And all of us together.

Thank you.

Maria Blet